Looking at the indicators affecting travel and tourism in Pakistan, it can be deduced that the tourism sector of the country is currently struggling to grow. Pakistan has been striving to create enabling conditions to revive tourism. There have been positive developments in bringing about a conducive business environment, safety and security, and the willingness to use ICT. However, major reforms are needed in health and hygiene, as well as human resources and the labour market, to make them favourable, not only for tourism but for other industries too. The country’s efforts in improving the conditions directly affecting travel and tourism have been substantial as well. The government has been giving significant priority to tourism and related activities and has greatly softened the image of the country globally. Where due considerations from the government have opened Pakistan to the world, there are also underlying issues to be addressed on the urgent, such as maintaining prices and preserving the environment, including lowering air quality, to sustainably grow tourism. In terms of infrastructure, Pakistan is still in the deep end. Although progress has been made in developing ground infrastructure, the meagre infrastructure network established for air transport and tourist services is not sufficient to deal with the country’s growing population as well as the future influx of tourists.

Tourism is the world's largest industry and the biggest employer. It is also the world's most rapidly expanding industry, growing at 3.9% p.a.

At the moment, CPEC is the ray of hope shining on the possibility of rapid development of infrastructure suitable for use by the masses and tourists. Building high-quality tourist service infrastructure also requires greater public-private partnerships, which are currently lacking in the tourism sector. Even with the presence of vast natural and cultural resources, Pakistan is still struggling to renovate its assets and is not yet able to introduce related activities at the pace it should have. However, the government’s efforts are gradually coming to fruition. To become a world-class tourism destination, the government needs to develop tourist attractions that will sustain the growth of travel and tourism in the country. To start reaping benefits from the tourism sector, Pakistan requires swift and major changes in the coming years.